L Space Launch 2012 Swimwear Collection

l space 2012 bikini swimwear collection released

L Space has now released their much talked about 2012 swimwear collection. Designer, Monica Wise has reportedly prepared an extensive list of lust-worthy swimwear designs that women will definitely want to include in their wardrobe. The swimwear pieces reportedly designed by Wise are ideal for the hot season and the styles couldn’t be more appealing. Colorful, seductive and uber trendy, the collection charms fashionistas and makes the list of new season must haves larger and larger, according to a press release from L Space.

The press release states that “two piece swimsuits invariably dominate the scene in terms of the swimwear trends of the year, so it’s quite natural to see a multitude of styles that match the trends. Bold tones are perhaps the quickest way to get noticed while staying on top of the latest trends. Although seemingly simple, these bathing suits are utterly classy and depending on the cut and accessories can even feel luxurious and daring. Whether you are looking for proper support, classy details or hues that flatter your skin tone, you can find a plethora of styles to suit your desires.”

Now for women who want swimwear items that have prints on them, such as geometrical prints or water color effects, the new swimwear 2012 collection also has these. It is, however, important to take into account one’s body type as well as the areas that one would like to emphasize on. There are a multitude of factors that can influence your final decision, according to Wise.

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