Interview with Heather Roma designer of Amorroma

heather roma amorroma swimwear designer interview

When did you first start to design Swimwear? Was it for yourself and girlfriends?
I started designing swimwear while in college, then professionally immediately after college under the brand name Heart Strung. In the beginning, I designed for myself because I couldn’t find a fit that I loved in the market.

Who and what were some of your inspirations?
Living in Florida at the time, my inspirations came from my surfer friends and living the beach and boat lifestyle. I wanted to create pieces that were multi-functional, flattering and comfortable but that looked different and could be worn from the beach to the bar.

Tell us about your Creative Process. How do you get inspired now?
I still have the same outlook on the wearability of swimwear and coverups. I believe that they should work together, not fight each other. I always want to create collections that flow seamlessly together from day to night. I like to create things that are on trend but that are also timeless. I believe you should have pieces in your closet that work for many years.

Where are you based out of and why does that area lend to your creativity?
Currently I’m based out of Los Angeles. Although I’m not living the beach lifestyle on a daily basis like I used to, I’m in the middle of some of the best fashion in the world. In LA people push the envelope (style-wise) and that alone can really get the creativeness flowing. Of course I’m always following the top designers and blogs as well and still try and make to the beach and pools as often as possible.

In your travels, what do you find as the major differences in bikinis girls wear in different countries?
First, I really notice the difference in confidence. In other countries and beach cities, the women seem to all have confidence in themselves, no matter their size or shape. I love this! Regarding the actual bikinis… the motto in other countries seems to be “less is better”!

What do you find is some of the most important things Women look for when shopping for bikinis?
Comfort, support, something that stands out stylistically and a color that looks good with a tan!

What brands have you designed swimwear for?
Heart Strung and AMORROMA

How many different pieces can customers expect to see?
When all is said and done, roughly 15 styles of our collection (plus multiple colors) made it into the stores this year.

Tell us a little about inspiration and designs of your latest collection.
The latest collection was designed into 6 collections:
1. So Solid: All solid colors
2. Bella Italiano: Incorporated Italian cotton lace
3. Separation: Strappy and fringe detail
4. Local Talent: Hand painted print by a local LA artist, digitally printed in Southern California
5. Peace Out: Bohemian inspired tie dyes
6. Ruffle Up: Ruffled trim pieces
7. Bridal: A selection of our favorite pieces for honeymooners

Tell us about the materials you decided to use for your latest 2013 collection.
The materials were all sourced in Los Angeles, where all of our production is done. We wish we could also have the fabric produced here but for now, printing in Southern California is as close as we can get. High hopes for more swimwear fabric mills to open up in LA!

Who was your photographer for the latest collection, how did you find them and what was it about their work that let to you choosing them?
We used Ashley Randall, a newby to Los Angeles from Texas. I loved her use of natural light and the “dreamy” end product.

Do you attend your catalog photo shoots and what do you look for in your models?
Yes I always attend and I like to shoot fast. When we have what we want, we move forward. Which means always finding models who are excellent natural “posers” or the lack there of. I really love natural, not too posed looks. I also like to use an array of different body types so our collections can appeal to different demographics.

Where will our reader be able to find your 2013 collection online and store front locations?

A Frame Surf Shop – Carpinteria, CA
Ava + Aliria – Manhattan Beach, CA
Butterflies and Bikinis – Santa Barbara, CA
Denise Carolyn – Pacific Palisades, CA
Dianes Beachwear – Manhattan Beach, CA
Dianes Beachwear – Newport Beach, CA
Dreamgirls – San Diego, CA
iVogue – Los Angeles, CA
Julie’s Beachwear – Del Mar, CA
Marriott Delray Beach – Delray Beach, FL
Mission Surf – San Diego, CA
Oooh La La – Palm Springs, CA
Pebbles – Santa Monica, CA
Polka Dots and Moonbeams – Los Angeles, CA
Secret Spot Surf Shop – Nags Head, NC
The Golden State Store – Venice, CA
Tulum Island Boutique – Costa Mesa, CA
Shop Miami Style –
Vida Soleil –

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