Miss Kinsman 2013 Bikini Catalog Shoot in San Diego

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Joanna Kinsman Interview
Miss Kinsman 2013 Swimwear Collection

What is the name or theme of your latest collection?
Miss Kinsman is a lingerie-inspired swimwear line, which we anticipate adding onto with other unique collections very soon. Each piece is delicately trimmed in lace, along the edging and encasing the string ties on our bikinis.

How many different pieces can customers expect to see?
We currently offer a total of 9 silhouettes – 4 bottoms, and 5 tops, all of which are offered in black, ivory, and nude and can be mixed and matched among styles, sizes and colors.

Tell us a little about inspiration and designs of your latest collection.
In creating this collection, I had so many ideas to give swimwear an exciting new look, yet fell in love with using lace and pearls. To me, the combination was timeless, yet effortless and chic.

Tell us about the materials you decided to use for your latest 2013 collection.
I can’t even begin to recollect how many hours of how many days I spent to find the perfect materials for the collection. The lace, particularly, needed to have a very defined scallop, yet not too large or too small, and durable yet delicate at the same time. I did many tests on the swimwear fabric itself, and chose one with a shine to give it ad added glimmer in the sun.

Who was your photographer for the latest collection, how did you find them and what was it about their work that let to you choosing them?
Justin Novak and I actually met randomly through Facebook back in May when I thought he and I had gone to college together and wanted to reach out since we were both living in Southern California. As it turns out I had the wrong person, but couldn’t have been more delighted to connect with him. We’d been in touch ever since, and talked about doing a shoot together, and finally made it happen! I could tell we shared a similar idea for the look and feel of the shoot, but the results nonetheless superseded my expectations.

Tell us about the idea behind the locations?
Initially I wanted to take advantage of being able to shoot outdoors, as it’s much tougher to do in LA without a permit, but we got to thinking that if we could get access to a studio, this would be very unique for Miss Kinsman, as this was the first time my pieces had been shot in such a setting.

I liked the idea of doing a shoot with a bit more edge. I’d also never done a photo shoot with two models at one time and wasn’t sure how that was going to work but I was blown away by the results.

The studio we shot in was the Industry Showroom, provided by Justin’s friend and fellow photographer Sean Diaz, who lent his talents in shooting and filming for the day. There were so many options for settings, allowing us to get a perfect variety of backgrounds, including outside on the street where we turned quite a few heads.

Tell us about your collection’s models and why you chose them.
I met both Amber Soleil and Marina Spencer at a bikini runway show we all took part in over the summer in Hollywood. Following the event, I let both of them know that I’d like to shoot with them, so it was great to reunite down in San Diego, local to Marina. Amber and I often attend fashion events together in LA but have found that since the shoot we would like to be spending more time down south!

Where will our reader be able to find your 2013 collection online and store front locations?
The collection is presently available online at http://MissKinsman.com/shop, and will soon be available at select boutiques for the spring/summer season, which we will be sure to announce on our blog, newsletter and via social media.

Interview and Photos by John Cocozza

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