It’s the out-of-the way, way out of the ordinary, that makes the Zoë NYC girl stand out. She travels often and with the help of Zoë designs, travels far. Travels to exotic locales serve as inspiration for the designer, Zoe Haggerty. While traveling, she immerses herself in local culture, relishing her stays at under-the-radar hotels and scouring local vintage marts. The lush beaches of St Tropez influence the styles of the suits, while the embroidery, stones and accessory inspirations hail from trips to India. Italy serves as the inspiration for the quality of production and craftsmanship, as the designer splits her time between there and New York City. The result? A lush and exotic swimwear collection unlike any other.

Zoë Haggerty, a former model, knows what makes a flattering fit. That’s why the ultimate resource and authority on swimwear, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, featured the line its inaugural year. Zoë NYC has been showcased in the issue every year since. Zoë’s design aesthetic takes full advantage of both her professional and personal experiences to create a well-fitting, effortlessly chic look for the beach— or anywhere else where less is way more. The collection, launched in 2006 and made entirely in Northern Italy, is double constructed of Italian microfibers using a process unique to the region and not found elsewhere in the current U.S swimwear market.

The suits are embellished with authentic Swarovski crystals, amethysts, and stones. Everything is of the highest quality, ensuring a comfortable, flattering, and chic look. Zoë NYC also introduced the first T-shirt bikini. Made from cotton jersey with seamless raw edges, the suit is incredibly versatile. It’s a favorite among the young Italian set, who have been known the roll the waistline to make it smaller and experiment with different styles of knotting. The possibilities are as broad as one’s imagination. 2009 marks the expansion of the Zoë NYC collection to include everything a girl might need at the beach. Sheer separates, paper-thin denim, and chic brocade and snakeskin beach bags complete the collection.

Address: 305 West Broadway #156 New York, NY 10013
Website: http://www.zoenyc.com/