Whyte Tide Swimwear

Our beautiful high-tech fabrics are printed in house, using the Digital Dye Sublimation process, on the highest quality 100% polyester textiles. Designs are printed with specialist equipment onto transfer materials, which is then thermally transfused onto fabric.

The result can be seen throughout our collection – a range of colours that span the spectrum. Best of all, nothing can reverse the process, which, combined with the chlorine and U.V. resistant qualities of the polyester fabrics, equates to an extremely high level of product durability.

This durability does not come at the cost of comfort, our textiles were chosen for their soft feel and remarkable flexibility, much like lycra, which we believe makes them superior to Endurance.

All designing occurs in house, with our qualified team of designers being responsible for the magnificent artwork, as well as garment styling.

Only the best quality and most technologically advanced fabrics are used in the manufacturing of our products. Despite this, we strongly recommend being aware of rough surfaces, such as rocks and concrete, as these abrasive surfaces can damange your swimwear, which they were not designed to tolerate.

Address: PO Box 791 Underwood Road Rochedale South, QLD 4123
Phone: 0408 065 579
Website: http://www.whytetideswimwear.com.au