Verao Agora

Verao Agora is a family owned company established in July 2006 and incorporated in February 2007. The family has developed several successful businesses worldwide and integrates over 80 years of business experience under one brand. This particular company was set up to import and market from Brazil an exclusive range of designer swimwear for women.

The name Verao Agora actually means “Summer Now” in English, and expresses vibrant fabrics and embellishment and awareness about the line and product due to participation in trade shows in Miami and Las Vegas. Repeat buyers are in Miami, Mexico and the Caribbean, with interest now mounting in South America and home markets such as California, Arizona, Baltimore and Puerto Rico. Excellent exposure has also contributed to the line, when one of the designs was selected to appear in the Sports Illustrator’s Online Swimwear Collection.

The swimsuit was one of VA’s top designs and boasts a gorgeous array of authentic, sparkling Swarovski crystals. Since the company is still young, it is open to outside interst and proposals for partnership or distributorship, or other feasible marketing or business ventures.

Address: 246 S. Mansfield Ave. Los Angeles CA 90036
Phone: 800 - 399 - 1251