Unique textiles, the fusion of fashion and classic themes, the continuous quest for the perfect bikini; these are the elements that have established Tigerlily as a leader in premium swimwear and fashion.

Tigerlily was founded by Australian Jodhi Meares in the year 2000. Jodhi created a brand that represents beauty and strength, induviduality and confidence. A brand that is exotic and sexy but grounded.

The qualities injected into Tigerlily are Jodhi’s feelings on Australian women, and those that Australia’s beautiful beaches evoke in them … health, freedom and fun.

The brand’s eternal search for unique fabrics and prints has taken us on adventures across the globe. We see the world in bikini coloured glasses, a piece of Gaudi architechture, or an 18th century armchair, even Picasso and Money aren’t safe – all things translate to the bikini.

Phone: 61 2 8228 8000
Website: http://www.tigerlilyswimwear.com.au/