Syrup Swimwear


Syrup Swimwear’s 2012 collection, was inspired by the vibrant colors of Spain where Syrup designer Aaron Fust first experienced the glamor of the European beaches. Syrup Swimwear contains different genres within the collection to suit all personal styles.
The fully lined swimwear is infused with a variety of textures, crochets, braiding, hardware and lace. Many of the fabrics used in Syrup Swimwear are custom knit and printed, also all hardware in Syrup designs are custom cast of the highest grade and therefore are heat and rust resistant and hypoallergenic.
Aaron Fust sources the finest materials to be used in every detail of these alluring swimsuits, conveying pieces that are sweet and feminine with a hint of sexy, all things exuded by Syrup Swimwear.


Syrup Swimwear is a leading luxury swimwear brand created by Las Vegas native, Aaron Fust. Founded in 2007, the label draws its inspiration from his time living on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and experiencing the awe inspiring European beach parties. The subsequent influence of European holiday lifestyles over U.S. resortwear has shifted the fashion of swim toward more stylish outfit-oriented swimwear. Recognizing this early on, Fust took this opportunity to create a swimwear line that reflects the Mediterranean resort lifestyle. These swimsuits are now loved by fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Address: 5808 Wilmington Ave
Phone: (855) 797-8779