SAGA Swimwear

SAGA Swimwear designs swimsuits for the modern jet-setting woman, inspiring her to travel the gorgeous world, and to fully experience life within it. From one season to the next, LAX to NRT, SAGA swimsuits carry her free spirit from her flight to the beach, and beyond. At SAGA, they are defining a new era of worldwide mobility, with adventure at the epicentre of it.

SAGA Swimsuits are manufactured in Los Angeles, California, with fabrics imported from Italy, SAGA swimsuits are cutting edge modern, hinting at the exotic stories of the world. They are in love with color, form, and connecting our customer to the energy of her lifestyle, the inimitable quality of true spirit she possesses, and the world around her. Style is a reflection of the selves we project onto the world, and ours believes in inspiring epic tales of love, life, and adventure.

At SAGA, it is not the destination that matters, but the journey we take to get there. And we dress women for the journey.

Let the adventure begin.

Address: 1050 NOE st. San Francisco CA 94114
Phone: 831-234-4882