Malia Mills is a beauty company. In 1992 we launched our company with the goal of making swimwear with superior fit and fashion to inspire women to feel fabulous about their individual beauty. “to thousands of women across the country, malia mills is nothing short of a modern-day savior. when she began her swimwear company nine years ago, she started a veritable body image revolution.” vogue

at malia mills we don’t want to change the way you look, we want to change the way you look at yourself. our mission is to inspire women, no matter what brand of swimwear they have on, to look in the mirror and to smile at what they see.

“edgy swimwear designer malia mills is the first designer in the history of the world to acknowledge that most women hate trying on swimsuits and aren’t all five-foot-ten and 120 pounds.” elle

it’s vital to liberate women from feelings of inadequacy that accompany the struggle to find a suit that fits. it’s imperative to show women that if a suit doesn’t fit, it is the suit that is flawed, not the body. a swimsuit should represent sun and fun not fear and loathing!

Address: 263 West 38th Street Floor 16 New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212 - 354 - 4200