La Isla

La Isla, although high end and sophisticated, is a down to earth, real brand. The fusion of our American influence with our Latin roots, make for a most interesting blend. We believe in the ability to truly understand and enjoy the elements that surround us.

We are entertained by the sun and the ocean waves. We crave the feeling of wind in our face, the ocean spraying our skin, and the sense of being alive that comes with just taking a deep breath. We crave being outside, in nature! We are real people, with a real desire to design the best swimsuits in the world.

Our clients are #1, and listening to what they want is our strength. Our seamstresses, our designers, our photographers, our store owners, and everyone involved with our brand belong to our family. We are natural, we are real, we live surrounded by those who love us for who we are. We are La Isla!

Address: 1320 Palm Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: 805-319-1179