Jordan Taylor Inc. is a resort wear company located in the center of the garment and fashion district of NYC. Owner Jordan Taylor Greenberg began his career in 1974 as a road salesman. After doing this for several years he started his own manufacturing company and in 1996 ventured into the swimwear and beachwear market, where he’s stayed ever since. Every item is produced in the United States of the highest quality domestic and imported materials. Over the years he’s partnered and financed niche companies within the swimwear industry whilst slowly building a name and credibility.

Jordan brought in Turkish ready to wear designer Elif Katik in 2006 to drive the creative vision and broaden the horizons of the company. The designs that Elif has created over the years conjure a new-look and fresh spin for the Jordan Taylor collection which have taken the company to new heights. Her name is now synonymous with high fashion resort wear carried in the finest shops in North America, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Jordan’s newest addition to the team is high fashion swimwear designer Caitlin Kelly. Her integration into the Jordan Taylor team has brought success and credibility to the newly launched Jordan Taylor Swim collection. Caitlin is currently working on her new line ‘Caitlin Kelly Swim’ which will be introduced this summer of 2012. Jordan has always prided himself on finding the best people and engineering their growth. This means for a stronger company and happy team.

Address: 40-08 22nd St 4th floor LIC, NY 11101
Phone: 212 - 921 - 2690