Women’s swim and sportswear including bikinis, boardshorts, trunks, boardskirts, tee shirts, linen shirts, pants, dresses and skirts. Our accessory line includes an original suncare line as well as tote bags, sandals, hats and belts. For as long as islands have existed, the common dream that ties all of mankind together is the belief that someday we are all going to get away to the beach, where we can soak up rays and drink pina coladas while the sun sets in perfect fashion before us.

Here at Island Company we consider this ideal a lifestyle, not a faraway desire possibly never to be achieved. So when you board that plane for an exotic destination, whether it’s your first or one of many, we want to be there with you…if only in your suitcase. Island Company was founded with the belief that we are not all created equal, that some of us are striving to get more out of our time here, wishing to live longer, travel farther, and seek out the pleasures that make life worth sticking around for.

Address: 312 Clematis St. Suite #401 West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 561 - 833 - 8110
Website: http://www.islandcompany.com/womens-swimwear.html