Dunas Swimwear

Dunas Swimwear had its grand opening in the USA at the ASR show in San Diego, California, in January 2004, with a great success. Since our opening we have been rapidly wxpanding our business, due to our unique styles, quality, competitive prices and excellent customer services.

All our products are manufactured in Brazil and set to our headquarters, in San Diego and in Chicago, where Dunas Swimwear takes care of all the duties and customs issues. All orders are distributed from one of our main locations, so that all of our clients have a good support in the United States.

Dunas Swimwear explores the nature with vibrant colors, tradicional designs and the strength of handcrafted products. Flower prints, stripes, and a myriad of colors remind us of all the exuberance and passion found in nature.

Address: 6915 Drift Creek Street Bakersfield CA 93313
Phone: 877 - 260 - 2482
Website: http://www.dunasswimwear.com/