Crispy Bikinis

The “CRISPYBIKINIS Lifestyle” is all about being happy, healthy, positive, working hard and playing hard! So why are you not living in CRISPYBIKINIS? Swimwear trends may come and go but CRISPYBIKINIS allow you to look sexy, be comfortable, experience life and smile! Think about how much women (and men) just can’t get enough of babes in bikinis. How much we consume our minds with motivation to look good and be healthy when swim season approaches. Or how many memories as children we have of summers spent building castles in the sand and splashing around beach. It is not just about bikinis. It is a way of life!

Starting out as just a California dream, CRISPYBIKINIS established in the Spring of 2009 by mother-daughter team, Sue and Cristina Swink from Canyon Lake, California, whose personal style embodies everything about the Golden State’s lifestyle. CRISPYBIKINIS is a fashion forward, lifestyle driven web based business specializing in laid-back and luxurious swimwear with classic undertones. At CRISPYBIKINIS when it comes to customer service and quality in designs and materials-it has to be the best it can possibly be. While designing with our clients, family and friends in mind, it is more than just two-pieces of fabric. CRISPYBIKINIS are handmade in California, making each CRISPYBIKINIS piece one-of-a-kind, beautifully fitted, in an array of flattering styles, colors, high quality materials, pretty prints and functional construction. Comfort nurtures confidence – wearing swimwear should be effortless (or at least look like it). Each CRISPYBIKINIS piece goes under numerous fittings before it is available for purchase and every details matter at CRISPYBIKINIS. CRISPYBIKINIS come in all forms – from the never underestimated “Little Black Bikini” on the beach -to- eye catching cut outs poolside and served with a crisp glass of champagne.

Address: 31630 Railroad Canyon Rd. Suite 1 Canyon Lake, CA 92587