Classy Bride

We offer both a string bikini and halter in black or white to suit all brides.

After three weddings, three bachelorette parties and numerous showers, the Slavin sisters realized there was nothing available for the modern bride-to-be to wear during her last night out as a single girl. Desiring something stylish, contemporary and original to don on such an important and festive evening, the sisters put their thinking caps on and put their creativity to work. The first sister to be married adorned a ribbed tank top with "Bride" tastefully grazed across the chest in crystal rhinestones. For an added touch, the sister also wore panties with her groom’s name playfully embroidered across the front.

In early 2002, while working for their mother’s clothing manufacturing company, Allison Slavin and her two sisters, Bridget and Tiffany, created a small line of custom embroidered panties and cotton tanks adorned with crystals to give at their friend’s bridal showers. The panties and tanks were a smash at each party. This was the start of a new era in fashion for the modern bride-to-be and a fresh company called Classy Bride.

In the past 9 years, over 500 stores have picked up the Classy Bride line including bridal salons, department stores, fine apparel shops, gift stores, and lingerie boutiques.

Address: 719 S. Los Angeles St. #218 Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: 213 - 622 - 1011