Made from genuine sueded deer skin leather.

Kate is inspired by early North American leathercrafters from the early sixties and late seventies as well as Native Americana. Her individual craftsmanship defines the unique quality of the collection and detail of handwork. The collection's influence and genuine reproduction is derivative of all the great leatherwork coming out of this time period. Vintage stain and finishing techniques are applied on the same leather, using original or antiqued solid brass hardware.

"What I'm trying to create is not just a trend, something you'll grow quickly tired of and throw in the back of your closet. I want my collection to have the same sense of timeless quality as that of the artisans of our past."

Custom orders are preferable and are designed to suit that persons' needs. Cattle Press Leather's website represents only a small portion of her design and capability, and I encourage you to simply ask.