Amour Luxury Swimwear

Amour Luxury Swimwear offers a variety of sophisticated swimwear to choose from: From classic styles, unique designs for sophisticated entertainment to fun athletic for the active woman who loves sports, or flashy style for ladies who do not want to go unnoticed in moments of relaxation.

Amour invest their time, creativity and commitment to present “DolceDonna 2012″ an innovative collection, versatile magic effects for women sensual, chic and internationally. Amour Luxury Lingerie introduces “Illegal Thoughts 2012″ naughty lingerie inspired by the creative power that characterizes the dynamic woman and sure of herself, to gently feel radiant and glamorous in her own skin.

Our mission is to highlight the beauty of an International diva, sensual, modern and elegant, comfort is our priority. Our swimsuits, base their strength in quality, technology and attractive styles.

Our vision is to be open to use new technologies for the protection of the environment, stimulating the artisan community in the world and spread our creative trends internationally. Be in the world market by 2022.

Attention to details, planning, production control Education and Technology Total Quality and responsibility Customer Service Helping to conserve the environment

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