A linha mais comercial da empresa, lídes do segmento Clássico, apresentando produtos que aliam qualidade, conforto e modelagens perfeitas. Os produtos podem ser encontrados em lojas especializadas ou/e grandes magazines.

English – The row over the company's business, Classic labors of the segment, with products that combine quality, comfort and perfect modeling. The products can be found in specialty stores and / or department stores. The adventure also seeks excellence in its services with a direct sales system to its consumers through retail outlets in Brazil. To give special attention to customers, the adventure has a register with the profile of its consumers, which helps the recognition of the needs and fashion trends. Besides being concerned about the loyalty of its consumers, this standard of service makes references to products in adventures in the national market. Adventure manufacturing technology along with concern for its customers, give rise to high quality products and workmanship, provided the biggest store chains in Brazil by launching fashion nationally and internationally.

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