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“Why Did We Create SwimwearWebsites.com?”

bikinis and swimsuits for girls and women to buy shopping online How many times have you searched for swimwear or bikinis on the web, only to be left frustrated and without finding the type of swimwear or bikini brands you are searching for? Statistics show that most people only look at the 1st page of Google or Yahoo. Leaving you with only a narrow selection and the companies vying for Top 10 placement in an endless battle. Imagine going to the mall and only having 10 stores to choose from. You deserve more when you shop!!!

Now you can find every bikini and swimwear company in the world here on SwimwearWebsites.com Our goal is to provide young girls, women, and ladies with one website where they can see all the bikini styles from around globe, watch videos such as catalog shoots and runway shows, and find out about online bikini sales or latest news from the Bikini Brands. We wanted to create a site that made it easy for a girl or woman to find swimwear & bikini websites online in their own country and abroad. Whether it is in the US, Australia, Brazil, Europe or elsewhere you will now be able to find swimwear & bikinis that are HOT!!, around the world.


“What’s On Swimwear Websites?”

bikinis and swimwear brands online to buy swimsuits and shop


bikinis and swimwear brands for girls to buy and shop online


bikini and swimwear videos of runway and catalogs for girls to shop and buy online


Swimwear Websites strives to provide girl and women searching for bikinis online with a host of pictures featuring the latest swimsuits with links to the bikini brand’s shopping carts. Also Bikini Videos such as swimsuit catalog shoots, swimwear designer interviews, runway shows featuring the latest upcoming swimwear fashion trends, and of course all the fun parties hosted around the world. We want women to be able to read Bikini News such asinterviews from swimwear designers, industry insiders, and professional bikini models talking about the Swimwear Industry and latest fashions. Not to mention find out about any online shopping deals from the bikini brands.


“Who Is John Cocozza?”

I am owner of SwimwearWebsites.com and I have been a professional Bikini Photographer since 2000 and based out of San Diego. I have photographed swimsuits for magazine editorials, promos, and catalogs. I have worked with such companies as Aaron Chang Swim, Point Conception, Salinas, Dahlia, REEF, Lost Girls, and Bunny Bikini. My bikini model photography has been published internationally close to 200 times throughout the years in such media as Maxim.com, Met-RX Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Transworld Surf, Alliance Wakeboard, Surfshot Magazine, Surfing Magazine, ZooToday.com, Swimsuit Illustrated..

You can view a sample of my published works on my website: http://www.SwimwearMagazinePictures.com

Thank you for your continued support of SwimwearWebsites.com

John Cocozza
John Cocozza Photography